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Donating your wedding dress

We are currently on hold accepting dress donations.


Due to everyone's extreme generosity, and the large volume of dresses we have received, we are updating the process to donate a dress.


Directions for Donating a Dress

We are only able to accept wedding dresses, from the 1980’s and on,

 that are clean and made from bridal satin, silk, lace, beaded

or other heavier weight material in white, or cream.


Look at your dress closely

  • Check if it is clean , Most gowns can be washed on the gentle cycle and then hung up to dry, if your dress is discolored/stained and did not come clean in the wash we may not be able to use all of it.


  • Check for odors - if your dress retains a strong odor, such as from smoke, mothballs, pets or perfume, we will be unable to use it. 


  • If it was preserved and boxed, no need to clean it – just remove it from the large storage box (we cannot accept those boxes) - and hang it up to air it out before donating.


  • Remove the netting/ crinoline, (it’s the itchy stuff),from the underside of the dress and discard it.

  • If you would like a keepsake firmly attach the Donation/Keepsake form, (found on our website, under Donations, then Dress Donations) with a safety pin, to your dress. What is a keepsake? Details and photos on our website under FAQs


  • If mailing, fold/roll your dress up to fit into as small of a box as possible.


  • If dropping off, please put your dress into a plastic bag.

Thank you for donating your dress, Our hope is to provide some comfort to families in unimaginable circumstances. Our goal is to provide a bereavement gown for every family in need.


If you are interested in donating your dress, please email for local contactless drop spots, with details, in the Phoenix area

Shipping instructions are located on our website

Click Here for in-kind tax donation receipt

Our shipping address:

             (*NOT a drop off site)

    3145 E Chandler Blvd Suite 110-331

    Phoenix AZ 85048

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